The Rise of eSports

The Rise of Esports. The digital age has been on the rise for some time now. The world is becoming more and more accustomed to computers and technology.   One of my personal favorite things about the digital age is video games. Video games have been around since the creation of pong back in the 1970s. People have always played video games. Friends and families could play games with each other to have a good time or just waste some time (time is not wasted if you are having fun).   Recently there has been a huge surge in the video game community. Esports as the video game community calls them are video games that can be played competitively.   Recently people have been able to make a living off playing video games. About 3 weeks ago there was a tournament held in Seattle for a game called DotA 2. DotA 2 is a five versus five game, where teams competed for their chance at a part of the 11 million dollar prize pool, yes 11 million dollars. The prize pool was crowd funded, one could buy a 9.99 item that unlocked a bunch of in game features and 2.50 of the 9.99 would go towards the prize pool. The tournament had the second biggest prize pool across all sports, behind the Indianapolis 500. The DotA 2 tournament had bigger prize pool than other famous events such as The Masters. There were 18 teams that traveled all over the world to compete in this event. Teams were either invited by Valve (The company that made DotA 2) or they won a qualifier to earn their spot in the tournament. The teams participating were from all over the world. Every year the favorites going into the event are the Chinese teams because of how much more popular the game is in China and how much more practice and training they do.

Even though the players cannot win every tournament they can still make money through streaming themselves playing the game. is a website that players can stream themselves playing a game and can make money off of people running ads. Some of the more popular games include League of Legends, DotA2, Hearthstone and DayZ. I can’t say how much people make playing games on the website but all of the well known players across all of different video game titles use this website. Some of the more popular streamers are starting to be able to buy houses and nice cars and make a living off playing the games. A lot of the players and streamers are trying to save money to be able to go to school so they can have a more stable career outside of playing video games.

One may say that playing video games cannot possibly be a career and should not be possible, but in today’s society it is. The players on these teams train year round for tournaments. Some teams have vigorous practice schedules that require them to play upwards of eight to nine hours a day.



  1. Man, I’m replying to a lot of your posts!
    It’s crazy that esports has blown up as much as it has. I think this is a perfect example of technogenesis. I’m not sure many could have guessed that millions of people would be watching other people playing online games live. It’s amazing, it has even earned the status of a sport by whatever organization gives out visas. So esports players can move to America and get a visa playing on these teams and earn a living here. Awesome stuff in my opinion; it is interesting to see that many people don’t know about this.

  2. Yeah competitive gaming can actually be someone’s career, which I think is so awesome. One game in particular that is starting to blow up more and more on the professional circuit is Super Smash Bros. I love playing Super Smash Bros and I am so excited that the community is growing more and more. I also find watching people play incredibly exciting. The games are short and fast-paced and the commentary is always entertaining. I can’t wait for professional gaming to really explode.

  3. did you know that the national sport of South Korea is StarCraft II. yes, that correct an entire nation that has declared that there national sport and the one sport that represent there country is a video game played competitively using a mouse and keyboard. another interesting fact is that i actually have played Halo 3 professionally. this franchises rapidly growing and becoming extremely lucrative.

    link to about South Korea.

  4. I actually just watched on ESPN for a couple of minutes the DODA championships. It is pretty crazy how people are starting to get scholarships and huge cash payouts for these tournaments. One interesting fact was the winners of the DODA tournament made more money than the winner of the Tour De France. This is mind boggling in my opinion.

  5. Playing DotA years ago on Warcraft3 custom games, i never would have thought it would have spawned into what it is today. eSports are very fascinating and it is interesting to see the divide in views of their recognition as an actual sport.

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