Why Sports Are Loved Universally

A big part of my life revolves around sports. I love watching sports, playing them and even studying them. What makes sports fun is the drama they cause and the headlines they create. One of my favorite sporting events is occurring at this very moment. The 2014 FIFA world cup is happening right now in Brazil. This event takes place every 4 years and it allows 32 teams from around the world to compete in a tournament to decide which country becomes a world champion. This event is known to be the worlds most watched event. Its highlights trump any other new and its storylines dominate headlines in newspapers and TV shows. With an estimated viewership of over 46 present of the world’s population this is one of the biggest events to occur this year. With figures like his it’s hard to imagine a life without sports.

            For many people sports are way of recognition. Many people identify them self’s though their sports team. This maybe determined by their teams particular location or the affiliation of there favorite players. There are many factors that determine people’s team affiliation. Other things such as interest in particular skill and traits also help people narrow down their favorite sports. Some people desire males who run every fast or hit very hard, where as others may desire males who are agile and light on there feet. No matter what skill you may prefer there is a sport out there that showcases exactly what you want.

Setting aside the biological need for sports, we come across their benefits to community and society at hole. The excitement of game day brings out thousands of people form their homes to rejoice with others. According to an article presented on Espn, it was estimated that LeBron James brought over half a billion dollars worth of business to the local Cleveland area. This amount of money is not only astronomical and exactly what the city of Cleveland needs in order to grew and flourish. If money isn’t a reason to love sports then maybe the atmosphere which sports creates within the community might just do it. World events such as the Olympics and the world cup help unite the world for a brief moment. People all over the world are able to set aside their difference and help support there team.

If the money and the atmosphere isn’t enough to love sports then maybe the validation of our competitive nature might. Our thirst for competition is incredible. Humans are biologically programed to compete amongst one another, and Sports allows use to do this in a more civilized way. Sports act as a vehicle to unlashes our completive sprit.

Overall sports are awesome. They captivate our attention and allow use to escape from our stress filled lives. Sports entertains millions of people all over the world, impacting lives both directly and indirectly, but the best part about sports is that there are no boundaries. Everyone can be apart of sports not matter who you are or what you do.


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  1. I completely agree with what you have to say about sports but I just wanted to bring up some of the negative aspects of sports, specifically with FIFA. FIFA ignores all of the oppression on humans done in 3rd world country in the spirit of profit. Russia, Brazil, Qatar are all countries with huge human violations but of course FIFA does not care because they are making money. Maybe an argument for them is that going to these countries will magnify some of the problems in these countries that the rest of the world may not know about. Either way, sports are no different than big business’ in my mind but I still love them!

  2. I agree with your post and also the comment above me. FIFA is an incredibly corrupt organization. The World Cup should have never gone to Qatar. The World Cup is held during the summer and in Qatar the average temperatures are in the 90’s. On top of this Qatar has been using migrant workers for the building of these stadiums and they are basically being treated like salve labor. Many migrant workers have even died because of the unsafe work conditions yet FIFA does nothing. But I still absolutely love the World Cup and even if its in Qatar I will still watch it.

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