A warning about technology

How many of you have seen IRobot the movie? I’m assuming you all have, but for that one person who has been living in a cave for 10 years let me explain it to you. IRobot is an epic trailer starting Will Smith. This story takes place in the distant future where robots have become a part of every day life. For me this story is a true lesson of how far human can push the limits of our technology before it starts pushing back. Now of course we don’t have robots (yet), but we do have tons of technology, which helps easy our daily lives. With a push of a button I’m able to pay my bills, communicate with my parents, and even watch live television. Technology is seemingly limitless but this is only determined by how you use the technology.

            Technology is a concerning matter in our ever growing and evolving world. People use technology every day to help manage and alleviate stress. Technology can go so far as to shore and even help rehabilitate sick and injured people. A great example of this is form the article that we read in class about robots helping and rehabilitating kids with physics therapy related issues. Something that always surprises me is how affective robot and artificial intelligence actually is. As I’m writing this paper I am allowing word documents to proofread and analyze my paper for Grammatical and structural errors. Not only does this reduce the amount of time that it would take me to proofread and fix all of the errors that are in my paper, but it also release a lot of stress because I know that the things that I’m writing are being constantly checked by an outside source. Technology is a source that unburdened is the burdened.

            I personally always try to avoid using technology whenever I’m not limited by it. This means that every time I am anywhere but a classroom, library, apartment, or at work. I try to avoid using my cell phone or my computer. Even though I know technology itself greatly improves my ability to perform and be a lot more efficient throughout the day. It also takes away a lot of the experiences that I would be enjoying if I were to use all the technology provided to me. A great example of this is the last time I went camping. No of course I could’ve brought a tons of technology to help improve my experience at my campsite but I decided not to. My friends and I decided that it was easier for us to use technology but it would really dole the effect of being out in the wilderness and really experiencing everything that it had to offer. Even though things were a lot harder to do without the use of technology we were still able to accomplish them. This is something that I believe has really been affected by the use of technology in our society. Many people do not know some basic survival skills like making a fire for setting up a tent without the help of technology.

            I’m a firm believer that technology is going nowhere but up. What I mean by this is that technology is always going be around and is always going to become better faster and easier to use. The downside of technology becoming better is the fact that it handicaps us from knowing and even learning some basic things. I personally have tried very hard from becoming handicapped by technology and I hope the same goes for everyone reading this blog. So the next time you’re at a park or anywhere out in nature remember put away your phone and really experience everything that it has to offer you. Don’t allow technology bog down all of the exciting moments in your life. Take control of it and only use it when it is really necessary.



  1. I am right there with you on your views of technology. I think if we allow it, technology can impair own natural abilities and take away from the natural envirnoment that we live in. To cite you camping example, the benefit of camping is that if you go far enough, your phone and computer won’t even work. Going to your point of the “I Robot” film, I find it fascinating that the sci-fi author Isaac Asimov wrote the basis of the film in the late 40’s; a time before computers and robots.

  2. I really enjoyed this post especially the line “Technology is a source that unburdened is the burdened.” I definitely agree that I am way more efficient at accomplishing tasks with technology but that is its true purpose. I think it is good to be wary about how much technology a person uses as well though. Somewhere there is a balance between using technology and opting out every once in awhile.

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