Artificial Wombs Are Coming, but the Controversy Is Already Here

I first want to take a look into the creator of this article: Vice. We talked in class many different times about who is creating the news that we consume everyday. Usually we look to CNN, Politico, MSNBC, FOX, or The New York Times but there is a new player in the game. Vice news has taken what it means to be a news provider and turned it upside down. They are creating real news the goes super in depth to issues that younger generations find interesting. They no longer are creating news that is cut and dry and very typical. They are making stories that are sensational but not in a bad way. Vice is able to go to war torn countries and talk with real people about the issues. They do it almost in a fun way, they cuss and act like real people. Typically with the other news sources I provided above keep to a very strict pattern on giving the news. I thought it was important to introduce Vice before I introduced and talked about the article.

Science is constantly coming up with new and game-changing technologies. I will be talking about how scientist are slowly starting to be able to create fetus’ outside of the womb. As the article title says, the controversy is already here. The article specifically talks about how this is a direct example of transhumanist. In this specific case, it is asking the question of whether or not creating offspring in a tube should be considered human. This idea of creating humans inside embryo’s is something non-fiction often depicts as the savior of human kind.

One of the most interesting parts of this article is how these embryo’s will decide gender. If this is something that actually works and we start to use it, we will now have the capability to decide what gender the baby has. This could definitely be problematic because of certain cultures that favor men to women. China and India specifically have a overpopulation problem. Their cultures typically tend to favor men to women which often results in the mistreatment of women in their culture. If people were able to choose the gender of the baby peoples culture could have an effect on the amount of men to women born.

This article talks about the importance of women in our world in general. Women have the role of actually creating new offspring. This goes along with what I had to say earlier, but what role would women have in a world where they are not needed to birth babies anymore. Will it have a positive effect where women now can base more of their time focusing on the workplace and not have to worry about the 9 months of carrying a child? Or will it have the negative effect of women being ousted in society because they no longer play that vital role in our society. These questions are extremely important to ask when new technologies like this are created.


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  1. I feel like taking science replacing the natural process of birth will have an effect on the psychological connection between mother and child. I feel like the long months help create a bond and feeling of responsibility that will be stripped away if these things are done within a lab somewhere separately.

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