Becoming Robots



This picture is of a guy who was unable to attend a conference because he was sick and could not fly all the way to Los Angeles. This machine is essentially a skyping segway. No longer are people bound by sickness, late flights, or handicaps. There are instances in which kids who have a rare sickness’ or diseases that forbid them to school and this product now allows them to go to school. You control the vehicle by a remote in your room and you can attend class just like all of the other kids. I remember back when I was kid in grade school when there was a huge break out in chickenpox. There was a number of kids that were not aloud to enter the school in fear of passing it on to the others. Imagine if this was something that kids could rent out for the day. They would not be left behind or anything.         

            This product does present some problems for our society and what it means to be a human. Imagine a world where no one goes into work anymore because they can just remote control this product around work all day. You do not have to attend a meeting anymore because you could just send your skyping segway into work for you. Same thing goes for conferences. You can now give conferences from your home through these things. It takes away the human connection, from having a meeting with other people around a table or having a teacher in front of you giving you the information. Without someone actually being in the classroom or meeting it would probably feel weird and distracting.


            This picture reminded me of the film Wall-E. It revolves in a post-Earth life where everyone lives on a giant space ship. Everyone becomes super fat because they sit in a chair all day and stare at screens. They are actually connected to the chair and talk to each other on the screens. It is funny because if they looked up, they would actually be able to talk to one another face to face but they become addicted to their screens. Many view this as an implausible future but the way we are addicted to looking at our screens definitely makes a case for this grim future. During the movie they finally become distracted from their screen lives and start to look at what they are doing. They realize they are losing what it means to be human. It is an interesting contrast to the robot Wall-E for strives for everything that it means to be human. He wants human life to exist. In a way I think the writers of the film wanted to show that the robot was being more “human” than the humans were being. It is also interesting that the robot was the catalyst for the humans to realize they were no longer acting as humans. They pulled their faces away from the screens because Wall-E bumped into one of them and they started to look around. Wall-E bumped them back into human reality.


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  1. Wall-e was a surprisingly good movie, but for the overall point, I feel robots will only improve to help us for these situations but it will defiantly be a touchy subject when they start to become smarter then humans.

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