Capitalism Post 3 – Net Worth and the Corporation, a Transhuman representation of Personal Value

The word corporation is probably as unpopular and carries as much negative connotation now, as it has ever had in its history of use.  This is due to people generally distrusting “the corporations” that exist in the global economy.  People distrust corporations, governments, other people, and generally any organization they are on the outside of and can’t seem to understand.  The younger generation is lazy, the older generation is selfish, girls have cooties, people from the Middle East are terrorists, republicans don’t care about minorities, liberals want to murder babies, or some other completely ungrounded theory of why we can’t trust other humans.  One of these is that the super-rich are somehow evil puppet-masters in charge of these organizations called corporations that only seek to keep you slaves of the system.  Wrong.

First off the economy wants you to be richer, it wants you to contribute more to purchasing power and to supply goods and services from the unique person you are.  Now, there are some reasons why hate for the rich exists, there are some really wacky numbers out there.  For example, if the richest 85 people in the world combined their wealth, that amount of wealth would be equal to the poorest 3 billion in the world.  That isn’t good, that figure exemplifies the fact of how poor people are.  But we have to understand that a rich person – for example Bill Gates – who has a net worth over $50 billion doesn’t sit on a pile of money.

The figure stated above is based on net worth.  A significant amount of that net worth is from his ownership (equity) of mainly Microsoft.  In his college years he wanted to produce software for a living.  Furthermore, he wanted to produce software under his own company as opposed to working for someone else.  As he looked to expand, he sold small amounts of ownership in his company to other people so that he could spend their investment in buying things like computers, office space, or hiring other people to help him.  As the value of the company rose, the value of the ownership share rose accordingly.

People view corporations as evil or merciless entities.  All corporations are, is a collective of people putting their money into a “pool” of sorts – in return they get ownership.  That is a corporation – a neutral human institution.  The same can be said about governments or birthday parties.  Like governments or birthday parties, there can be good corporations and bad corporations.  Most of the hate directed about all corporations stems from bad corporations.  Corporations that seek to not provide customers with services or goods they pay for are bad.  Corporations that intentionally destroy are bad.  Corporations that fire their workers due to discriminatory reasons or allow them to get hurt on the job are bad.  All of these are defined as bad because they are not violations of some sort of corporate rules but they are human rights violations.  If a government or birthday party had similar abuses of power, than it would be seen as equally wrong.


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