Obscured behind the many levels of abstraction in software and hardware systems, information boils down to bits. According to Wikipedia ‘A bit is the basic unit of information in computing and digital communications. A bit can have only one of two values, and may therefore be physically implemented with a two-state device.’ Different bit combinations form different states. The more available bits the more information available to be stored and processed. The more information the faster, more efficient and smarter a computer will run. Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every 18 months. This has held true since Gordon Moore, the cofounder of Intel, stated it back in 1965. These increasing number of transistors increase the amount of bits available to a system.

In this day and age we have an unimaginably large amount of information available at the tip of our fingers. We expect that information to be available instantaneously. If our webpages take longer than a couple of seconds to load we are dismayed. Just decades ago the ability to send information across the world through a medium at the speed of light was unfathomable. Now that magical ability is taken for granted. Information was very hard to come by back in the day. Only a select, privileged amount of people had access to it. Now information is available to nearly anyone in the developed world. That information that can fill our pool of knowledge is often neglected because people would rather play ‘flappy bird’.

After reading this article about having the ability to have a hard drive in your brain, i wonder if it is a waste of time to rack our brains with all that available information. When in the near future we could have the ability to just download it without reasoning or working through it. The ability to have a hard drive in my brain is both exciting and dismaying to me. Exciting because having a Terabyte of information in my brain makes for endless possibilities. I mean most laptops and PC’s these days don’t even have Terabyte hard drives. Dismaying because it would make the hard work of learning obsolete and almost anyone would have the ability to be super-intelligent.

The ability to have a hard drive in the brain begets the question, what is human. This ability would undoubtedly push my understanding of what it means to be human beyond its boundary. We would be transformed into something cyborgish and android. Would these modified humans be considered Artificially Intelligent at that point? Regardless, it would expand technology exponentially. If that expansion of technology would be for the better or the worse is unknown. Progress would be accelerated forward and even children would have the ability to be extremely knowledgeable. That coupled with a child’s imagination could be groundbreaking. The intellect of humanity as a whole would increase, but in my mind we would cease to be human so it would no longer be humanity. The technologies of the future will present endless opportunities for modification and upgradation of the human body and mind. Of course, this is all currently speculation but that speculation and imagination is what will provide us with these endless opportunities.​


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