Day without a phone

A few weeks ago, I decided to not use my cell phone for a whole weekend. This weekend was one where I was traveling up to my friend’s lake house. I decided that being by the lake was too nice and enjoyable to waste time on my cell phone. Before leaving for the lake, I told my family I would not have my cell phone so they would not worry if they tried to reach me. Since I was going with some of my friends, there was no need to warn them about me not having a cell phone. I took my cell phone to the lake with me in case of emergency but I ended up leaving it in my bag in my room for the whole weekend.

Not having a cell phone for a few days was very relaxing. I was able to enjoy spending time in the moment with my friends. We ended up having so much fun that most of my other friends forgot their cell phones too. Many people often spend too much time with their cell phones that they forget to acknowledge the people right in front of them. They also forget to enjoy the moment because they are too busy with their cell phones. By my own challenge to go a weekend without a cell phone, they were inspired to also put down their cell phones to spend quality time together.

In my time without a cell phone, I felt more relaxed and at ease. I was not constantly worrying about new texts, calls, and emails. I was also not focused on keeping up do date with my social media, such as Facebook and Instagram posts. I did not feel the need to know what others were doing or posting because I was having too much fun living my own life. I also noticed I felt less stressed without my cell phone. I think this is because I was not getting constant email reminders of upcoming work shifts and homework assignments. When it came time to go to bed, I fell asleep much faster without my cell phone. I usually will lie in bed for a while on social media or playing games before falling asleep. Without my cell phone, my body could fall asleep faster.

On the Sunday I returned from the lake. I was enjoying not having a cell phone so I decided to wait to use it until later Sunday night. On Sunday I was able to study for an upcoming assignment. Without my cell phone I was way more focused on studying. My phone is what usually distracts me from doing schoolwork and without it I was able to complete a lot of work. I easily studied material in less time without a cell phone.

In the future, I will definitely take more time to live without my cell phone. Obviously my cell phone plays a critical role in my life; however, I want to work on spending time with my loved ones and working on improving my own life without a cell phone.


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