Human 2.0 ???

Should todays humans be considered humans 2.0? Have we done enough to ourselves both genetically and behaviorally to say that we have evolved from our predecessors? All of these questions linger in my mind as I think about trans humanism. To think of what is beyond a human is to think of how humans has evolved from their ancestors and the true definition of human evolution. According to Charles Darwin evolution means that the strong will survive in the week will perish. Well is that still the case I’ve seen tons of humans with poor eyesight crippled walking, and mental instability issues but there still here today. Some of these people even flourish despite their disabilities. I for instance have really poor eyesight. I couldn’t even read it box of cereal that’s sitting right in front of me without the help of my glasses. But does that mean that I’m a human 2.0 have I inadvertently changed the way we see evolution.

            During the duration of this blog I want to talk to you about some critical elements that have changed between our predecessors and us. For instance let’s consider giving she’s perfect human as an example of what humans were like before the modern age. According to the illustration of what a perfect human should look like. According to Leonardo da Vinci the perfect man is proportional to his body size. This is no longer the case in the modern world. due to vast advancements in nutrition, health, and living standards. Humans are not able to flourish no matter what their body type is. Most star athletes are a lot taller than their predecessors because they have it specialized their abilities. In today’s world specialization has allowed athletes of all body types to excel at their particular sport. For consideration let’s talk about sprinters. In the ancient world sprinters were all the same there all approximately 5’6” to 5’9” and they had very homunculus body types. In today’s world this is no longer the case. Athletes with large legs and a muscular built tend to excel at sprinting.

            People are no longer limited by their handicaps anymore. Due to investments in modern science everyone is basically playing at the same level. Medical advancements have allowed people to virtually get rid of their handicaps and excel at whatever task they preferred to do. I would go far as to say that modern medicine has fundamentally changed how humans are viewed today. There aren’t too many abnormalities anymore the more medicine can’t fix. Humans live longer, live healthier, and have overall better standard of living than ever before in human history due to the help of modern medicine. Modern medicine has even changed how we behave today. Humans are capable of taking bigger and more dangerous risk because they know that modern medicine is capable of resolving any health issues that may arise from it.

Even though humans may look sound and behave differently from our ancestors we do have a few similarities. Beyond our physical and mental capacity to learn and grow we are still bogged down by some superficial issues that arise in our society today just like the ones that are ancestors have to deal with. Humans have always had a hard time see exactly what makes them similar but they never struggle to find differences amongst them. The superficial issues are exactly why don’t believe that humans have reached the next step of their evolution. I would say that humans are more at a 1.5 rather than a 2.0 because of these concerning reasons.


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  1. I really enjoyed what you had to say here. We are now able to turn so called handicaps into something that makes us strive. So, I do agree in the fact that we are human 2.0 but maybe a better way to put it is humans are constantly evolving so 2.0 says we have only increased a level or two. I believe we are not really on any level which makes us human. We don’t have to be characterized by how much we evolved because we are constantly evolving and improving!

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