Industrial Robots: 3D printers part3

Open source allows for rapid development and community collaboration on projects. This rapid development coupled with the rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing allowed from 3D printing could be groundbreaking. Problems could be solved so much more efficiently and effectively. These solutions would be the product of many minds working together towards one common goal. That goal being the solution, and that solution being adequate. The goal is not to profit, it is to help others. It is to make things easier for humanity as a whole. There is a 3D printer pushing this open source 3D printing development ever further. That 3D printer is the RepRap. This RepRap is a groundbreaking 3D printer. It is the definition of open source. The RepRap is a machine that allows for efficient production of not only useful materials but of other RepRap machines. The 3D printer will print the parts required to create the 3D printer and all the user needs to do is assemble it. This is so groundbreaking because of the immense cost of 3D printers currently. The prices are certainly out of any reasonable everyday household product prices. With this design though, it allows for the possibility of anyone to have their very own 3D printer for nearly free. These RepRap’s main purpose is self-replication. This self-replication is what makes the possibility of any ordinary human have the ability to have their very own 3D printer. These community products eliminate the prevalence of corporate greed. They bring people together in the mission of finding one solid solution. This open sourcing and self-replication is what propelled this low cost 3D printer into one of the most widely used 3D printers in the world.
All in all I think 3D printing will play an immense role in the future of humanity. It has the possibility to eliminate one of the strongest driving factors in the monetary world; that driving factor being greed. 3D printers will increase innovation exponentially. It will give people the ability to invent things and see results almost instantaneously. It allows for people to turn theory into reality extremely efficiently and quickly. 3D printing would allow for anyone to become successful very rapidly. Individuals could create a solution to a problem and see their product go to market and not get swallowed up by a big corporation. It allows for individuals to personalize and customize products. These customizations give the individual a stronger sense of identity. 3D printing could play a big role in the world economy by reducing China’s use in the efficient and cost effective manufacturing of products. It will reduce the need to outsource because it reduces the cost of manufacturing. The new technology of 3D printing will change the world.
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