Nature Walk

The nature walk class was a little different for me. In my college experience I had never had a class “field trip” to go outside and explore a little. When you step outside, especially on campus, from being in an almost sterile stimulation free classroom, it can be a little overwhelming. The first thing I noticed was the temperature difference from the air conditioning inside the classroom to the heat of the sun outside. You also can’t help but notice the sounds from construction, buses, cars, bikes, people and birds. There are just so many distractions outside it is no wonder most classes are taught in a distraction free room. Then as we began to walk towards Mirror Lake and Seth was describing all the different species of plants, and the different trees, and the age of different things. It made me realize how diverse this little tiny section of the world actually was. I mean if you took an aerial shot of it you may have seen a few different kinds of trees and some grass, but when we got down and looked at it we saw all kinds of bugs, animals, mosses, weeds, and different kinds of life. It is truly amazing how diverse nature can be. I did begin to think about how much of this diversity of nature was man-made. I remember someone mentioned that Mirror Lake actually used to be lower. When we walked to mirror lake and saw the bricks at the bottom you could clearly see that this very natural looking body of water was actually manmade. You could even see many objects for humans interspersed throughout this nature. With benches amongst trees and the information signs to tell us a little about where we were. It is kind of like nature merging with man, a line becoming more and more blurred. Another interesting question that Seth posed was what we thought campus was like 50, 100, 200, 500, and 5000 years ago and what will it look like those years in the future. I thought this was interesting and began to think about the land where my own house is located. We know just 50 years before my house was there it was part of a horse farm. When we moved in there was actually still a dilapidated horse barn in our backyard. Before that I can only assume it was like much of the rest of Ohio as a forest. What it will look like in the future I imagine part of an ever expanding city or maybe far in the future it will once again become a forest. Nature is definitely a part of who we are as humans as with anything though we must be in control of it. Without the feeling of familiarity we do not feel safe so we try to recreate our idea of nature whether it be on college campuses, in our backyards, or even at Disney World. We will always have special place in our hearts for nature and everything it encompasses.




  1. I agree that nature is an important and diverse concept to the lives of humans. I think the distractiosn that you listed from that day are mostly attributed to human influence; I wonder how the experience of class would be at an isolated location- such as Old Man’s Cave.

  2. There were definitely a lot of distractions when we went outside due to everything going on out side. There are also a lot of distractions in the classroom though, the phones in our pockets.

  3. I enjoyed the nature walk. I felt that it was nice to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. I also wrote a blog about the nature walk and how it made me feel. One thing I wrote about is hoe vitamin D has a role with a persons mood, and since the sun gives off vitamin D it can put a person in a better mood.

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