Oryx and Crake

After reading the book Oryx and Crake and letting the thrill of finishing a good book settle i did some reflection on the book. Whenever i read a book or watch a movie i have always made sure to read or listen to the first sentence of the book or movie and put a lot of emphasis on that sentence. I feel as though it somewhat sets a pace for the enchanting journey my mind is soon to embark on. It tells me a lot about the style to expect in the writing or editing or filming. Anyway, Oryx and Crake had me interested at that first sentence. The first sentence of the book is “Snowman wakes before dawn.” Immediately, I wanted to find out who this so called Snowman was. Why he was called that.  Why it was peculiar he arose that day before noon. It had me interested. Being a relatively shorter book and me being an avid reader i finished it fairly quickly. It was an easy read as it had me continually turning the page with not many breaks. It is easy to do this because of how intertwined we are with technology. I do a majority of reading on my phone because of how convenient it is. Convenient not only because i have my phone with me and can pull it out and delve into a novel at any time of the day; but because  i have the possibility of delving into a majority of different books and genres whenever i want. The other day i saw the sticker “Who is John Galt” and recalled it was a reference to the book Atlas Shrugged and that i had always wanted to read that book. I pulled out my phone bought the book for a very reasonable price and was reading it within 2 minutes of seeing the sticker. It is really astonishing to think about. How technology has presented the ability to enter someones imagination so quickly and easily. I have started reading so much more now that i do it on my phone. I do still read on paper from time to time, but i have to admit i am doing it less and less as the years go on. It is quite nostalgic reading from paper, something about it brings me back to my childhood and the amount of entertainment i got from those pages. 
I really like how Margaret Atwood describes the genre of the book as speculative fiction. I think its interesting and says a lot about the book itself. Technology is very present and in pretty much every fold of our lives.  So the expansion of our biological technology and just technology in general to this type of vision is not far fetched. I have to admit i did not really see the book ending how it did. Overall i thoroughly enjoyed the read. I am definitely going to look into more Margaret Atwood books or maybe ebooks, who knows. 

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