Human Nature

I am working on a personal research project that involves studying people in their environments and seeing how they react to hings and how they feel about the service they are receiving. This is a small excerpt of the things I saw while just sitting there and observing. It really does a great job of showing human nature.

The Chipotle in Upper Arlington was a good place to sit and observe a combination of different people instead of just the college students that would eat at the Chipotle located on High Street. Expecting to see anyone from college students to full families to people just picking up food on their way home from work, I was not disappointed. My goal was too look at the interaction between people while they order food from the counter, as well as when they stood in line. I wanted to see whether people were polite after their wait as I expect or if they were going to be rude to the server, and what the reason for the rudeness is. Chipotle is notorious for having long lines that take upwards of 15-20 minutes. Finally, I wanted to watch people as they ate and see if they only focused on their food or tried to talk to their friends while eating as I thought. I wanted to use this data to draw a conclusion on what type of restaurant Chipotle actually is.

As I entered Chipotle to begin my observations and I took a quick headcount of the line and restaurant and counted a total of 82 people. There was no real ethnic majority in the restaurant and the ages of the patrons ranged from approximately 8-70 years old. In contrast to my original thoughts, the majority of the people that were there were alone. It seemed that they just wanted a quick bite to eat after work or school. The restaurant itself is fairly large, and has a metallic looking theme to it where all the tables and booths and chairs are made out of simple wood and metal. As I watched people stand in line, I noticed a common trend. Out of the 44 people in line at the time, 26 people were consistently looking down at their cell phone. Even the people that had come in with others were both looking at their own respective cell phones. They seemed to not want any interaction with each other. Chipotle had a great diversity of people that night and as I got closer to the front of line, I watched people order and noticed that people seemed to be polite depending on the portion size they got. I watched ten people in a row and the 4 people that received more of their respective meats were the only ones who said thank you to the server. Out of the other 6, one of the men turned to his friend and rolled his eyes because the server had given him such little meat. This matches with my original expectations coming in that people will only show their basic manners when people do something that “deserves” it.


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  1. One of my favorite of my parts of science is sociology. I love to learn learn why people are the way that they are. Also, why people do the things that they do. I did an experiment once. When a person manning the front door at Walmart asked me how I was, instead of just saying fine, I started to cry and tell him about my day. The man was not expecting that and was surprised.

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