Reactions to ADHD

I chose to present on Thursday because I wanted to use people’s thoughts and reactions to the topic of ADHD in our lives as a way to make my final paper more personal. It seemed as though almost everyone I talked to agreed that technogenesis is occurring in our society through the technological effects on humans’ brains, attributing to ADHD. Almost everyone I talked to had a way to connect this to their own personal life, or a person close to them. A few people left my area nervous and paranoid that they have ADHD (which I felt similarly to them when I was researching this topic). A few other people told me about their younger siblings or friends they knew who have had a very hard time in classes, or focusing on anything except their technologies. Or, if these people were focusing on a specific task, our classmates told me how they often seemed to be bouncing off the walls. Based off of everyone’s reactions, it seems to me that ADHD is on a rise in our society, most likely due to the increase in the amount of technology use in each of our lives. Based off of everyone’s reactions, it seems to me that ADHD is on a rise in our society, most likely due to the increase in the amount of technology use in each of our lives. While working on this project, I decided to start taking account of everything that I became distracted with. The list consisted of: Facebook, Snapchat, people, naps, food, checking the weather, Reddit, our blog post, Instagram, pinterest, and texting. While not all of these distractions are in our lives through our technology, most of them are, and the social media apps and websites definitely controlled my mind when I was distracted by them more that eating food or having a conversation with someone (with those, I was still somewhat thinking about this project). I feel that this personal realization helped me to see how strong technology’s impact has on our daily lives, the way we learn, and our work ethic. I find this slightly scary, too, because out of the majority of my friends, I feel that I am one of the ones who is least attached to their phone.



In my life, one of my best friends has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. He’s a very smart kid, but trying to tell him a story or get him to study was basically useless because his mind would be all over the place and he would always need to be moving or doing something. Since he’s been diagnosed and taken medication for his ADHD, he improved his ACT score by over 7 points, has been getting all A’s in his classes, instead of C’s, and has become a very good listener to his friends. Through his experiences, I can see how negatively ADHD can impact a person’s life, and how helpful Adderall can be. Before he went through this, I thought ADHD was sort of a fake disorder that people used as an excuse to get more help, or out of some stuff in school. From him, I became intrigued about ADHD. Now, I can easily and clearly see how attention deficit disorder is largely affected from the amount of daily technology use.



  1. I believe that there are some children that actually have ADHD, but there a lot more children being diagnosed then children with the actually disorder. Children by nature are active, and it is important for them to exert energy. Parents not a day are just lazy or ignorant and and the first sign of a child being a child the blame it on ADHD. Children are hyper, that a fact. It is normal, That’s a fact.

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