Video Game Addiction Part 2

This is a small excerpt from my paper. I wanted to outline, even further, the severity of what video game addiction can do. This is one example of many things that can go wrong the longer you go about playing video games without realizing the real problem.

A man who started playing a simple mobile game known as Clash of Clans is a prime example of an adult who was unable to deal with the responsibility of playing a game without spending too much time or money on it. George Yao was simply a person who had moved to a new town and playing occasional games. However, when he became introduced to Clash of Clans, he very quickly became engrossed to a point of addiction. He eventually reached a point where he was using 5 iPads at the same, simply to keep up his skill level in the game. He even got to a point where he was spending close to $300 a day just to keep up in items. This was a point in his life where he prioritized the game play and being successful at it over anything else. In three months, he had sunk in close to almost $3000. It was something he couldn’t really control properly. Not only did he spend all of his free time on the game, he even managed to find a way to keep his rank from dropping while he was at work. According to witnesses, his time outside of the virtual world dropped to zero. People wouldn’t see him for weeks at a time. Mr. Yao says, “After a while, it felt more like a job than anything else.” After months of this, George finally became sick of this process. He was at a point where he couldn’t help but hate the game, even while he was playing it.

One of the reasons for this addiction is people who thrive off the need for competition. Many people become engrossed with become the best. This was seen in George Yao when he spent 10-15 hours a day on five different iPads just to make sure he was the number 1 ranked player in clash of clans. The same is seen on every multiplayer game, where people who are overly competitive will spend time as soon as they wake up to when they go to sleep in order to compete at a level at which they can feel proud of. The problem with this is obvious since people tend to neglect anything they might have to do in their lives in order to become more proficient at a game. This is seen more and more in people that play massively multiplayer online games, where millions of people sign on a day to compete against each other. People’s competitive drive becomes the sole reason they continue to play the game, whether or not they continue to enjoy it or not.



  1. I agree with what you are talking about. I did my final project on how technology affect children. One of the technologies that I talked about was video games. Video game addiction was one of the cons that I talked about. I also talked about television addiction and computer addiction. all three of these have much in common.

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