A Day Without Technology

The week we did not have class, we were supposed to give up some sort of technology and write about how it affected us. On that day I decided to go without technology all together, except for my phone because I need it for work. I did not use my phone to play games or text, but I did answer the phone when someone called me. I found out that it is more difficult to go without technology that I had originally imagined. When I woke up that morning I started the day by going to the gym and working out. This was nice because I was able to waste a few hours at the gym. After leaving the gym I took my roommates car to a repair shop so that I could get the tire fixed. While I was waiting I sat in the waiting room for almost an hour and a half waiting for the mechanic to fix my roommates tire. I did not use my phone for entertainment and there was no TV for me to watch. I just sat there and read a magazine. It was the longest 90 minutes that I could remember. I cannot believe how slow time went when I did not have my phone to keep me occupied, or a TV to watch. After the car was done I drove home and realized that I had nothing to do. Since I was not using technology I could not go on my computer, play my Xbox, watch TV, or even listened to music. It felt like I was lost. I did not realize that I depended on technology as much as I actually do. This was actually a good thing because having nothing to do, gave me something to do. I cleaned my room, and most of the house. I have been telling myself for weeks that I was going to clean my room, but I never got around to it. By taking away all the extra activities in my life I was able to get done something I have been try to do for weeks. After cleaning my room and most of my house I was out of ideas. At this point it was 5 o’clock in the afternoon and I was tired. I gave in to temptation and watched Netflix on my computer. I was tired so I laid down a relaxed. Going 14 hours without technology thought me a lot that day. There were both positive and negative aspects to not using technology. One positive aspect is that it forced me to be active and be productive. It also gave me a time to clear my head and think without being surrounded by noise. One negative aspect was that at times it was extremely boring. Nowadays, there is only so much that a person who is by himself or herself can do without technology. I know that reading a book would have been an easy thing to do, and kill time, but I do not like reading and would rather have sat in silence. I am happy that I live in an era of technology, because after being spoiled with the luxury of technology, I cannot image going without it. I would like to at some point try to go without technology again, and see if I am able to last longer then 14hours.


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  1. I can definetly feel your pain. The auto mechanic is probably the worst place to not have technology. The crappy realization is that even if their were a tv, it would have been technology. The even crappier realization is that the magazine you read was also technology. I wonder if in the old days, they would just go help the mechanic; I doubt the’d let you do that today.

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