The topic that struck a chord with me the most in class was when we were discussing the story “Why Look at Animals?” by John Berger, and the movie Blackfish. The way human beings treat animals astounds me. The abuse we put them through just for our benefit and profit is something I cannot understand. When it comes to the movie Blackfish and Sea World I did read a couple of the blogs that refuted the point of view presented in the movie. I understand that with institutions like Sea World a certain amount of funding is required to keep the animals they have in a healthy environment and one of the blog posts stated that, unlike the local zoos, Sea world was not receiving the funding they needed at the time to properly take care of the animals, and that over time sea world has made many changes to improve the conditions. This was something that was not shown in Blackfish. My question regarding this stance is, if you cannot afford to properly take care of the Orcas in the first place, why keep them? I understand that maybe they could not be released into the ocean but there probably were better options than keeping them in such confined spaces, like sectioned off areas of the ocean by the shore so that the orcas could live a something of a healthier life. The only reason I can think that Sea World would keep the Orcas in such conditions is for the profit. They were making a lot of money, and were not willing to give up that comfort. This is not something that happens just at Sea World but any institution that charges money to show off animals in cages, or doing tricks. I believe that animals should be treated as moral beings. To cause any sort of pain or discomfort to a living being just for the sake of profit and entertainment is wrong in my eyes. I have had many pets growing up, and each and every one of them were and are treated like family. My dog Sadie has a personality, she gets sad when I leave, happy when I come home, she is mischievous when she wants something, and she knows how to get out of being in trouble. She actually reminds me of me when I was younger. The story “Why Look at Animals” mentions several different ways animals have been regarded over time. They have been seen as Gods, companions, reduced all the way down to tools and now entertainment. I am sure a lot of you have had a pet at one time or another and feel or felt a since of love toward them. I am not saying that everyone should just become a vegetarian or vegan and we should start living as equals with animals as though they could be just as just as humans are. I eat meat, other animals eat meat, that is just a part of life and there is definitely a cognitive difference between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom. However animals do share our traits, they can feel, learn, and use tools they may even one day soon start to create. So why is it ok to confine animals like Orcas to a tank and put them in a way of living that shortens their natural life span by 75 or so years?


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  1. When I washed Black Fish it changed the way I view sea world. I had no idea that they treat the killer whales that way. I found it interesting that killer whales are actually pretty intelligent. When the killer whales were being chances and the mothers and children went in a different direction i was surprised. That was a pretty intelligent thing to do.

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