How Technology Impacts Children Part: 2

Another piece of technology that comes with both a positive and negative influences on a child’s life is the use of a computer, whether it is a desktop, laptop, or an iPad. One positive effect that comes with a computer is the ability for a child to learn. Now a day, it is necessary for a child to use the Internet for homework assignments, and class projects. Much of what a student is expected to do require information that is accurate. The easiest and fastest place to locate that information is on the Internet. Not only is the Internet important for school, it provides the child with information pertaining to the rest of the world. This allows children to learn about different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Computes can affect children in a positive way, but also in a negative way. One of the ways that using a computer can have a poor effect on a child is if that child becomes addicted. Since there are several entertaining activities that a computer has to offer, one or more may lead to an addiction. When a child is addicted to the computer, they may spend several hours at a time without moving. The decrease in the amount of activity for that child can cause them to become malnourished, or even obese. As stated in the article How Young is Too Young “It is important to note that there are also areas of serious concern related to overuses of technology in young children’s lives such as computer addiction problems (Seo, Chun, Jwa & Choi, 2011), Inter- net safety issues (Dodge, Husain & Kuke, 2011), and risks for obesity (Epstein, Roemmich, Robinson, Paluch, Winiewicz, Fuerch, & Rob- inson, 2008).” When a child has access to the Internet it opens a wide variety of information and sites that could potentially be harmful. If a child were to accidentally or purposely open an xxx rated website, it could have a devastating impact on the child and the way they view sex, relationships, and the opposite gender. Not to mention it could influence what or who that child becomes. Most children believe that people are honest and good, but that is not always true. Another con that comes with the computer is the lack of safety. The Internet is full of predators that prey on young children. If a child is unsafe on the sites they visit, and talk to the wrong person, they could fall victim to a predictor. Not only do technologies such as TV, smartphones, and computers impact children, but also video games.

Almost all children love to play some sort of video game, and a few are even lucky enough to have their own game console. Video games can be very beneficial to a child because it teaches then a variety to traits. One trait that playing video games teaches children is how to think strategically. By playing the video game, it challenges the player to strategically figure out how, and what they need to do in order to advance to the next level. Video games can also instill the value of teamwork and sharing. When two or more players are playing together it is crucial that they work as a team, and shares the responsibilities in order to complete the challenge at hand. Another trait that children learn from video games is hand eye coordination. By having to maneuver the joystick, and simultaneously hitting the correct buttons, players increase muscle memory and improve their hand eye coordination. Although, playing video games can be beneficial for children, they may also have a negative effect. Some video games contain sex, crime, guns, and violence, which should not be played by young children. Adults and older children whose brains are more developed, and who are less susceptible to these actions, are able to play these games without a huge impact. Whereas younger children are more susceptible to these kinds of images, and should not play these games. A young child who plays a game with sex, guns, and violence are unlikely to see the difference between the game and reality. Being exposed to this may cause the child to have an altered view of what is right and wrong, which can lead to dysfunctional relationships between them and others, an increase in violence, and change the way the child sees the world. As stated in the article Tips for Parents: Video Games and Your Youth, “In a Joint Statement (2000) before the Congressional Public Health Summit, a number of American medi- cal associations — the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, and American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry — caution parents about violence in the media and its negative effect on children. Their report states that exposure to violent media can elevate aggressive feelings and thoughts, especially in children. These effects on aggressive behavior can be long-term.” Another con that arises from children playing video games is the chance they could become addicted. Children are active and need to exert energy. When a child spends most of their time playing video games it takes away from the time they could have spent being productive. A child who is dormant and plays games all day may develop health issues that could have been avoided.

There are many positive and negative impacts that technology has on children, and there is no right answer on whether or not technology will benefit or harm a child. The decision on what technology a child has available is up to their parent. Although, there are certain precautions that parents should take when it comes to their children and technology. Times are changing, and so is the world. The technology that exists today is more advanced than the technology that existed 50 years ago, and each generation of children will continue to be impacted by new technology.


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