My Research (Part 2) The Interviews

In an attempt to understand the eating habits of the people that live in the United States, three people from different races, ages, and genders were interviewed about the things they eat and how often they eat them. Among other things, it was also important to note where the food they ate was purchased from, and if they cooked it themselves or ordered it from a restaurant. I wanted to use this information in order to obtain a complete view of how different people have different eating habits in the United States. The first interviewee was a 44 year old Caucasian male who has a wife and two children, referred to as Robert. The second interviewee was a 27 year old Chinese woman who has just finished graduate school and lives in her own apartment, referred to as Ms. Two. The last person I interviewed was a 74 year old Indian man who lives alone without any assistance and has asked to be called Raj.

Although these people were chosen quite randomly from a list of people I had compiled, the questions I asked definitely helped to play a part. I had to make sure I had people from all income levels, from all over the US, and different ethnicities. All three of the interviews were done on Skype with a face-to-face relationship. The research questions asked encompassed all people since every person has to eat. My original thoughts were that people would eat out about 40% of the time as that is something most college students do. However, the results I received after completing the interviews were quite different. I really wanted to compare the amount of people that cook in their own home with the people that pick up some kind of quick food every day.

My biggest surprise was the amount of time people will eat out after they graduate college compared to when they have no real choice. Robert emphasized that he eats out only one time every month and it is used as a special occasion for his family to enjoy themselves and it is usually accompanied by a movie. Ms. Two had something very similar to say, but not the family to accompany it. I was extremely surprised that she also went out only twice a month. She emphasized that it was unhealthy for her to eat out more than once or twice and therefore, she cooked most of her meals in her kitchen. Raj again stuck to the trend of eating out very minimally. Raj only eats out when his family comes to visit him and take him out. This happens once every 3-4 months. Raj prefers to shop for his own groceries and cook his own food as he feels that it helps to maintain his health. Clearly, the overwhelming consensus was for people to watch their own health and eat food from their own kitchen.


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