All around the country in bars, nightclubs, and on college campuses, date rape drugs are very common. Most of these drugs have no taste and no smell and can often be hard to identify. To completely avoid being drugged with date rape drugs, the only thing you can do is refuse any and all drinks that are offered to you. To help prevent this problem in the future, a group from Toronto has created a pd.id or personal drink ID to help identify if your drink contains any drugs.

The pd.id has built in sensors and tests the light spectrum, conductivity, and temperature of any drink. The user can submerge the tip of the device into the drink for a few seconds. The pd.id compares the scanned sequence against a local database of drink profiles. The pd.id lights up either a green or red LED depending on the safety of the drink. If the light is green, the drink is safe to drink and if the light is red, the drink is not safe to drink. The device can be rinsed clean and used up to 40 times on a single battery charge. This pd.id can also link up to iOS, Android, and Blackberry phones to provide the user with a more in depth explanation of what was found in the drink. This pd.id offers way more variability and reliability against a variety of drugs whereas the current single use drug tests for drinks only test again certain drugs.

Currently the company is working on raising enough money to fully release the product in April of 2015. If the team can raise $250,000 the team will donate 100 units to an international women’s cause. If the team can raise $500,000 they plan to create the ability to test the nutritional value of your drink, which can be helpful especially to diabetics who have concerns over sugar levels. And finally if the team reaches $750,000 they will work to create a system that can report the unsafe situations and establishments in which unsafe drinks are reported.

For an individual to get one of these devices it will cost at least $100. The team is also offering plans for companies to donate large sums of money in order to provide at risk areas with these drink monitors. If a company donates $50,000 the company will get to pick a university to have these monitors donated to and used for freshman orientation packets.

In my opinion this device seems like a very good idea. As a college student, I feel like this could prevent many issues. At bars and at parties drinks can often be left unattended or even brought to you by a stranger. Having this device would make it easy to discretely determine if your drink had been compromised. I think this device can help empower both men and women who could potentially be in harms way. I also think the donation program is an awesome way for companies to get involved in the community and help prevent date rape and other drug related harm.



  1. This is a wonderful idea. The sad part is that as a society we have gotten to the point of intentionally placing things in others drinks but since it is a part of culture, I glad some are doing something to impact change.

  2. This is a great idea and i’m glad people are taking the time to create this product. I know I often worry about my drinks if i am out and I forgot it somewhere. If I accidentally leave my drink unattended I just won’t drink the rest of it. Something like this will make a lot of people feel much safer when they go out.

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