Last week in class I really enjoyed listening to my other classmates giving their presentations on the topics that they chose for their class project. I learned a lot from then about many different topics that I really know little about. I also found it beneficial to watching the presentations because it helped me to make my own. I was able to pull ideas from other people, which I feel made my project better. One of the ideas that I toke was from Richard. In his presentation, he involved the crowd by having then answer questions related to his top. I thought that was a good idea. Not only because it involved the audience, but also because it allowed him to interact with the other students and get to know them. Also it helped make his presentation longer, which helps. Another person’s presentation that I enjoyed was Danny’s. I really like the idea of how music defines who you are, and can give another person some insight about you. I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. I also like the fact that his project was in a form of a blog. I thought that it was a good idea and made his project interesting. Blogs are a good way to express the way a person feels, so the fact Danny could use his blog for a class project is cool. By having the opportunity to watch a few people give their presentation, made me feel more comfortable about presenting myself. I presented my topic to the class project yesterday, and I that it went well. I made a power point presentation, and at the end incorporated question, which allowed me to interact with other students. I was happy I did this because it gave me a chance during my presentation to talk and learn about some of the other student in the class. Some of the students that watched my presentation seemed to be interested in what I was presenting on. That gave me a good feeling, and made presenting enjoyable. I was a little disappointed that we only had two days to present because I would have liked to hear more of the student’s presentations. I would have also liked to present to more student. I find the topic I am writing about interesting. I am writing about how technology impacts children. In a way I am happy that class is over because this is my last summer class, but I am a little sad. I actually enjoyed talking and having discussions in class. There were a few people, included myself, that got passionate about certain topics. It always seemed as if class were too short, because it would end before we were finished arguing. There were a few topics and discussions that I could have sat in the classroom for hours and debated back and forth with the other students. I enjoyed our class discussions because there were so many people with different opinions. I hope that everyone, excluding myself, has a good summer and takes something out of this class as I did.


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