Social Media

The second day of class after we put our chairs in a circle and checked ourselves in we started to have group discussions. There were two discussions that sparked my interest, not only because they were interesting, but also because there were people in the class that had completely opposite opinions. I like to debate topics, not because I like to argue, or I think that I am always right, but because I am interested in what other people think, and have to say. I like to learn why people think and feel the way they do. I knew that I was going to like this class after the first week because there were going to be many more discussions throughout the semester. The first topic that caused a debate back and forth involved guns. Mike, a man that loves guns was on one side of the room. A women, who’s name I forget, sat on the other side of the room whom felt strongly again killing and using violence. At first I sat back and listened to them debating back and forth because it was interesting. Mike, liked guns because he likes the sport of hunting. The women, did not like guns because of her religion, she is against killing animals. At this point I was interested in learning more about her believe. What I learned I find interesting. She does not kill animals because it is wrong, but she will eat an animal as long as someone else killed it. I did not understand how that worked, but I like the fact that I was able to learn more about a different believe. My personal believes are that guns are necessary, but I do not care for them. I feel that people abuse the power of having a gun, and people get hurt. I believe in the old fashion way were people used their hands. If someone had a problem with someone they just fist fought not shoot each other. Although, I do not care fore guns do believe gun are necessary, but only when being used is the correct way. The second argument that I feel passionate about is whether social media is good or bad. My view on social media is that it is a waste of time. I like the concept of social media, and I believe if it was used correctly then it would be beneficial, but people abuse it. People all over post information about their day, what their plans are, their opinions, and many other things. I do not care what people ate for breakfast, nor do I care if it gave them gas, but that is my opinion. There were many people in the class that were pro social media networks. What I liked about these discussions was that I actually agree with some of the positive quantities that social media networks bring. There were some concepts that I have not thought about. Having that class discussion did change the way I view social media. I still do not care for it, but I have a better understanding of why so many people do. After the class was over I remember thinking that this is going to be an interesting class, and as the weeks went by we have had many more interesting class discussions.


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