Technology Dependent

The culture we live in has a heavy dependence to technology and getting new technology. When I hear about people standing in line for hours or even overnight just to get the newest item or latest edition. Even if they have never tried it or know anyone who has. This makes me think of how all the other ways technology controls human behavior. I cannot think of a time where I voluntarily went without my phone. Heck a lot of the times that I am not supposed to have it I sneak and look at it anyway. I use a computer at work and I have no clue how I would successfully do my job without using the internet. Even when it comes to school I much rather type a paper than to hand write one. Another piece of technology that I am dependent on is air conditioning. At my grandmother’s home she does not have air conditioning I actively avoid going over there on hot days during the summer.  During this class when we had to give up something it was a bit challenging to give up my phone. Now that I think about it more I wish I would have given up TV I notice I have it on a lot, even if I am not watching it. I will turn on the TV put it on mute then do homework and not even pay attention to the TV. I tried to turn it off but it felt weird sitting without it on. People went years without TV or electricity.  Today we have electricity and grew up on it so we are used to having it around. Cars are another technology that I am dependent on. I do not live close to where I work or go to school so I need a car. We have new technology already being created and still holding on our previous technology. As time goes on we are becoming more and more dependent on them while still looking for new technology. In some cases the new technology replaces the old but in others it is just an addition. We constantly are upgrading our technology. We have to have the newest version. I recently purchased a new smart TV and I love it, the features on it I just could not pass up. I like it way more than my previous TV it’s bigger and has more features.  If this company who makes TV would not have felt the need to upgrade their TV’s. New technology is constantly advertised it looks nice and has great features that people did not even know they wanted until it was put in front of them.  This class has really made me consider how much I depend on technology. I think from this point forward I will pay more attention to what technology I use and purchase. Also I want to ensure that I take some time away from technology from time to time and cautious of the new technology I get.


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  1. I absolutely agree with you. In America almost every person relies on technology for everything. I did my final project on how technology affect children. You would be surprised by how much technology actually affects children. We are in a era on technology and things will only get worse.

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