The first day of class to introduce our self we went around the room and were asked to say our name and the one piece of technology that is important to us. My one piece of technology that I need and use a lot through out the week was my stethoscope. I chose my stethoscope because as a nursing student, and at my job in the hospital, that is one of the most import tools that I use. I remember when I was young and I would go to the doctor’s office. I did not understand the significance of and importance that a stethoscope had. It is amazing to think about all the technological advancements that have been created over the past fifty years, let alone the past ten. Their once was piece on technology that a person mentioned that stuck out, and it was a cup. I love the fact that something as little and minuet as a cup is a piece of technology that without would make life seem harder. Many people take for granted the things that they have. The entire time during the first class was talking about technology. Each day after reading an article we would talk and discuss different topics. One thing that I enjoyed in this class was going on the nature walk. All we did was walk around the south oval, but it was interesting to point out the small changes from being inside opposed to being outside. When I first stepped outside the first change that I noticed was that my eyes needed to readjust. I then noticed that there was a slight wind, yet the temperature increased and a started to sweat. Other than physical changed I also had slight emotional changes. I went from feeling content to feeling happier. It is scientifically proven that Vitamin D affects a person’s mood. Consequently the sun is a good source of vitamin D. this goes to show that by just walking outside a persons mood can change. It was also interesting to think about how the environment changed of the years. In the past three years that I have been at Ohio State I have seen many changes. For the first two years I were here I the south oval was fenced in because of the geothermal piping that they were putting in. Now this year the fences are down and it is filled with green grass. We looked at the oldest tree on campus. To think about how many trees that used to be on campus that were cut down, yet that one tree was lucky enough to still be there. I also find it interesting to think that Mirror Lake, a landmark that every student at Ohio State knows, is actually only a small portion of the lake. I wonder how many students actually know that the late used to be bigger and that Ohio state decreased the size. Seth talked about the building and how fifty years ago many of the building we know were not even there yet. That Ohio state started out as one classroom with twelve students. There are so many fascinating things that nature has to offer, and sometime people are blinded by what is man made.


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