Temptation in Advertisements

Every day we see and hear ads for any and everything. There is advertisements for new foods, clothes, toys, and of curse new technology. I do think advertising is a good thing but I also think it is what leads us toward new items. The advertisement tells up how we need this new version of an old item. Sometime the item itself is brand new and the advertisement tells us how much we need this new item that we never needed before.  If we did not see the new ad for the new items we may not want them. But put something new and shiny on TV and people will buy. The growth of technology is not bad but the effects of being too consumed by it are already in effect. We cannot love without cells phones. Who seriously would voluntarily live in a house with no air conditioning? Heck I do not even want to give up my cable. Aside from my rent cable is the next highest bill I have to pay. Even cable comes out with new technology. When I first heard about DVR I thought okay something new. No one I knew had it so I did not think too much about it. I even saw ads for it but still did not feel the urge to get it. Then someone I know finally got it and I tried it out. Once I used it I was hooked and had to have it for myself. Now it part of my regular cable lineup. I moved and had to keep it on my bill. I do not want to go back to watching live TV. I like to avoid as many commercials as possible. I do not need to be tempted to buy anything I do not need just because a TV commercial told me how great it was. When I am in the car again commercial after commercial telling me what new items I need to buy. Thank goodness for music downloading. Technology is helping me avoid new technology. I do not like the way google and other online spies monitor what I am doing online. I do not like that I can visit a website one time then next thing I know I am seeing that site advertise on my computer. I just want to say stop it but I can’t because I like using the internet and new technology.  Like most people I feel the need to have new things. Even if I did not want to I am forced to in society. At work I have to use the computer so I see different advertisements whenever I get online there. Even for school I have to have and use technology so there is no real way to avoid advertisements that lure us in with the new item shine.  I will have to continue to take the few steps I do to avoid temptation. No car radio commercial breaks and keep DVR to avoid as many commercials as possible.


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